Abstract Artist

Elan Vital 


Vital was born in the Republic of Congo, (formally Zaire), during a
time of civil war. His childhood years and youth were spent in England,
Switzerland and Belgium, where he learned to speak both French and
Dutch fluently.


London, Montreal, New York, Chicago, Antwerp and Milan,
but to name a few, are some of the cities that Vital has either, worked or
lived" in. \\Where to call home is a question left unanswered. My multi-
cultural and nomadic background is a blessing I have now learned to


Most of my creativity is drawn from encounters I've witnessed in
my trovels." So, where and what is next? "tomorrow isn't yet...who knows?”

Vignettes Art Center proudly showcases the art of Vital.  For pricing and information, please email or call Vignettes at 702-221-8350

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