Jeurgen Aldag

1955 - 2006


Abstract Artist

Jeurgen Aldag

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"Years ago, I named my abstract art style, 'Defingismus' which is Latin for 'changing the form of reality,' because when I'm creating my artwork, its a 30 layer process that lifts me into a higher state of mind."

-Juergen Aldag



JUERGEN HANS BRUNO ALDAG was born in Hamburg, Germany on December 24, 1955. He was an
artist from age seven and moved to America by way of a personal invitation in 1988 from illusionists, Siegfried &
Roy, to create exclusive bold art collections of their white tigers.


Juergen is world renowned for his original, uniqu interpretations of life on canvas and he will long be respected and remembered as being one of the greatest
abstract artists of our time.


He was a true master of his craft and his signature artwork cannot be duplicated, nor can his wonderful, warm personality. Juergen was as colorful as his paintings.

Juergen's favorite place in the world was on the North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii, where he lived 1 995-
2001, after touring the world.


In 2001 Jeurgen moved to Las Vegas, Nevada where he continued to create stunning masterpieces of vibrant colors.


Juergen was a 6' 2" handsome, kind and gentle man with a heart of pure gold,
whose smile was as contagious as his jovial laughter.


Jeurgen loved German soccer, he was a master chess player and he loved

Rock 'n' Roll.


Jeurgen was baptized in Hawaii and lived his life to the fullest. He was an extraordinary husband and a fiercely loyal friend.


Juergen Aldag became world renown as "The Celebrity Artist", because he painted numerous art collections of his favorite celebrities and friends, including, Paul McCartney, Cher and the Scorpions.


Jeurgen loved The Beatles and The Scorpions; these bands were the inspiration for his wild & rich abstract artwork in his early years.


Juergen Aldag was a very unique individual whos spirit was as colorful as his artwork; He will be sincerely
missed by all whose lives were touched by the honor of having known him.


Juergen is survived by his only wife of
twelve years, Wendy Arvello Aldag, his father Bruno Aldag, his sister Angelica and hundreds of paintings for all the
world to share.

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