Jim Stallings

Jim Stallings

Stallings_The Music Lives On

Jim Stallings immersed himself in art and music at an early age. As a boy of 8, he began attending private art classes. Throughout these younger years, Stallings' appreciation of all types of music grew as his artistic skills developed.

After earning degrees in both fine arts and graphic advertising/marketing, Stallings' business career took him to London. While in Europe he was able to intensely study the great masters in the museums of London and Paris. At this point in his life he realized he had the "spirit of an artist', which led him to return to the United States to

begin a search for personal expression.

Two years of self-imposed solitude, hiking from the Grand Canyon to Alaska, gave Stallings the chance to absorb the magic and color of nature as few people have. He learned the magnificence of 'being still', and in that state he began to discover his spirit of self-expression. 


Upon moving to Hawaii in 1990, Stallings continued his growth as an artist. relishing the solitude and ambience that only Maui could provide. The paintings began to literally flow, the next image more stunning than the previous. While listening to music, he found himself painting the physical manifestation of the sound vibrations he


Stallings has successfully painted on stage during performances of the Honolulu Symphony, the Maui Symphony, the San Diego Symphony, and the Long Beach Symphony, with maestro Jo Ann Falletta. During these performances numerous images were created while the musicians played. Stallings' desire is to continue painting the music of great orchestras worldwide, along with interpreting more contemporary musical events on canvas with color.

The Symphony pieces, along with Stallings' other works, are in private and corporate collections worldwide. In order to bring these brilliantly colorful paintings to an even wider audience, Stallings' work is now available in signed and numbered limited editions, published by Vignettes, and available at Vignettes Art Center in Henderson, NV.

For pricing and more information about Stallings' work, please email info@vignettesart.com or call Vignettes at 702-221-8350.