All Things Small 

A Doll, Dollhouse and Miniature Museum

Curated by Barbara Lee Woollen

It's a Beautiful Life

We love dolls because they remind us of our childhoods;  To see that same wonder reflecting in our childrens' eyes is nothing short of magical...


...We will certainly find something of ourselves in each miniature story; from our American roots and where we came from to who we want to be.


 "All Things Small" a Doll, Doll House and Miniatures Museum curated by Vignettes owner Barbara Lee Woollen is the third portion of Vignettes Art Center. The only museum of its kind in Nevada (or probably anywhere), it displays a diverse collection of antique, contemporary and rare dolls in unique scenes. Over thirty Doll Houses are displayed throughout the museum each containing interesting 'scenes' or 'vignettes' from castles, dragons cowboys and Native Americans to brides and fairy tales, just to name a few.  Characters from movies, television and history come alive to tell their unique stories. All museum proceeds go to the B&B Woollen Foundation,  a 501c3 charitable foundation benefitting children and the arts.


Art classes and the "All Things Small" Museum are open by reservations by calling 702-221-8350.


Vignettes Art Gallery is open Tuesday through Friday 10 AM until 5PM, Saturday 9AM until 4PM, Sunday 10 AM until 3 PM or by appointment. 

1714 West Horizon Ridge, Henderson NV 89012